Monday, July 11, 2011

We're back in the saddle again!!

Yesterday, Sunday, July 10th, we "got the run-around" from our bishop and stake president about our service mission. LOL We received a letter from SLC telling us we were "official" and that our BISHOP would set us apart for the service mission. So Bishop Gorup pulled us out of Sunday School class to set us apart. We no sooner got seated in his office than his phone went of. It was President Richards telling him not to set us apart; that he needed to see us at 3:15 so he could issue us THE OFFICIAL CALLING. Okeedokee!

We had invited a family from the ward to dinner, found them and begged for a later time so we could go meet Pres. Richards.

President Richards - such a good man!! - confessed that they had never dealt with a service mission call before and was learning the routine. Anyway, interestingly enough, it IS the bishop who sets service missionaries apart. We'll go a bit early tonight to Bishop Gorup's home before the monthly ward FHE so that he can set us apart for this service mission.

In case you can't read the letter - we'll be serving in the Career Center in North Las Vegas. This is perfect for Don who has 30 years experience in Human Resource. So we're excited!! Let the fun begin!!


  1. Congrats! You will both be awesome!!!

  2. Yeah! You both with bless so many lives with your expertise and your love for others, and your desire to see them succeed. The Lord needs you there right now. Perhaps another go at a full time mission is in your future yet, but this is a good start! Can't wait to hear all about it! Congratulations (once again) Elder and Sister Carter!!!

  3. Congratulations you guys!! That is so exciting! I hope to hear all your fun service stories though your blog :)

  4. I think its time to update your blog! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU